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future -

Gigi Star & Her Vocal Cords

of Magic- 2022:


Kit Sinclair's latest gig theatre show 'Gigi Star' is set to be on in 2022. After completing a successful residency with Apple Cart Arts, they have chosen to program the play. Gigi Star is supported by Arts Council Funding England. 

current - hampstead theatre commission 2022:

Sinclair is currently commissioned by Hampstead Theatre to write a play for their downstairs space after being one of ten writers on their Inspire writers program, mentored by Roy Williams. 

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"Happy Birthday Cassie. You're a fucking idiot"

It's the morning of Cassie's 26th birthday. She wakes to find herself in someone's front garden with no recollection of getting there.

As Cassie struggles to retrace the night, she's forced to confront the horrific, sometimes hilarious, mistakes she's made over the last year. 

‘Awakening’, written and performed by Sinclair, premiered at the 2018 Edinburgh Fringe Festival where it received rave reviews and positive audience feedback.






When a young woman loses her mother in a plane crash, she impulsively steals an unaccompanied child in a desperate attempt to fill both his life and hers with purpose.

In 2018 Kit co-produced her first short film ‘Aeroplanes’ with Resight Films.  Directed by Award Winning Director Paul Shammasian, written and performed by Sinclair, it explores themes of grief, loneliness and how a chance encounter can sometimes have a life changing affect.


Aeroplanes screened at festivals internationally and is available to watch online for free here.

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